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Studies have shown people spend an average of 3.5 hrs per day (7 days per week) worrying about their finances.  This drives many people in Houston, Texas to consider hiring a bankruptcy lawyer.   Judge Jed Shaw and his team are experts in creating strategies to eliminate that financial stress, helping you break free from debt, and regain control of your life.

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Jed is a Houston bankruptcy attorney, but 99% of the time he doesn’t recommend filing for Chapter 7 or 13 if you live in Texas. Why? This is due to special consumer protection laws that you can utilize. When you call, you’ll get to speak to Jed directly and for FREE.  It is always confidential, and he will tell you exactly what the creditors don’t want you to know.  His expert program is not only ethical, but it is built entirely on the special laws of Texas.  Most Texas bankruptcy attorney’s either don’t understand this approach, or they won’t share it with you because it’s not as profitable as filing your bankruptcy for you.

What Can You Expect When You Call?

  1. He’ll ask you some questions about your creditors.
  2. Mr. Shaw may request more info for further analysis and strategy development.
  3. He’ll advise you on the best debt relief strategy for your situation outside of bankruptcy.
  4. Once initiated, every harassing phone call is re-routed to Shaw Defense for your peace of mind.

Judge Jed is a licensed Houston bankruptcy Lawyer, but his goal is to provide you with an honest solution and help you avoid bankruptcy whenever possible.  Approximately 80-90% of personal bankruptcies should not be filed.  Less than 5% of all Chapter 13 bankruptcies are actually completed.  He helps hardworking people make ethical decisions to overcome their debt challenges.  Do not be ashamed of your situation.  It’s not permanent, and you can recover with the right help.

Take back control of your financial life.  Call Shaw Defense today and put Judge Shaw’s lifetime of experience to work for you.  No pressure, and zero obligation.

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