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There are three common mistakes that consumers tend to make when searching for a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney.  These errors can be avoided if the person can take a step back from their situation and view it through the lens of objectivity.  That is an admittedly difficult thing to do in the midst of harassing phone calls and heavy-handed letters. These are daily reminders of the financial burden most are carrying.  But you can do well to find an objective view through the eyes of a trusted adviser.

How will you find such a person?  Please learn from the example of others who have traveled this road before you but made these three mistakes.  By doing so you can avoid the pitfalls and make a better decision for you and your family.

The 3 Common Mistakes when Choosing a San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney

  1. Timing and Planning:  Wait until the last minute
  2. Considerations:  Price as #1 concern
  3. Desperation:  Willing to believe anything to just make it stop

Consumers who are facing difficult financial challenges become willing to do just about anything to make the pain stop.  This makes them extremely vulnerable to deceptive marketing tactics and those bankruptcy attorneys out to make a buck.  By committing these three mistakes, you will find yourself prone to choosing the wrong person to help steer your ship through the murkiest waters you’ve ever traveled. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Learn how to make a better choice after we discuss these common mistakes.

1. Waiting until the last minute

Most people don’t resolve to face their financial turmoil because they simply don’t know what to do.  Society proposes that the last option available is to file bankruptcy, and while that is somewhat true, it is not a magic button that makes everything instantly go away.  It is complicated and requires a strategic approach.  If you are facing mounting debts and continued harassment, don’t wait for a decision to be made for you.  Decisions forced by circumstances often aren’t favorable ones.  Instead, choose to take control by making a good decision.  You can’t make a good decision without good counsel, so find the best San Antonio bankruptcy attorney possible.

2. How much does it cost?

Price is obviously a practical consideration, but would you choose a surgeon to operate on your heart based on price?  Your financial life affects everything else, so choose wisely.  There are things in life that require precision, and unraveling the fetters of your financial entrapment’s demands just that.  Think about it.  Have the people you owe money to chosen their lawyers based on price?  Probably not.  If you picture your situation like a boxing match, do you want to face their attorneys alone, or do you want someone to fight for you?  And if you want someone to stand up and face them on your behalf, do you want that person to simply show up or win?  If you’ll seek the best person to help you, you may be surprised how you figure out ways to compensate them.  But choosing the cheap option now may cost you way more than you wish to pay later.  Pick a champion

3. Just make it stop

People are already emotionally spent when they get around to choosing bankruptcy. This is a challenging state of mind with which to make a good decision.  Compounding these odds is the chance that not every San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer has the necessary tools to advise you.  They may indeed just tell you what you’d like to hear in the interest of obtaining your fee.  If you’re feeling tired, having difficulty sleeping at night, or just simply can’t bear the telephone calls and collection letters you are receiving, beware of this.  Don’t just choose any bankruptcy attorney to make it stop.  While this may seem like relief, it may be only temporary.  Making the wrong choice to file bankruptcy if it’s not necessary or choosing the wrong lawyer to do so when it is may be worse than not taking action.  You do need to make a decision, but that decision needs to be founded upon sound advice and a tailor made, custom solution.

bankruptcy attorney san antonioSo how does one choose the best San Antonio bankruptcy attorney?  The first step is to talk to Judge Jed Shaw.  Rated A+ with the BBB, he is a bankruptcy legal expert that helps people just like you find alternatives to bankruptcy whenever possible.   Judge Jed is a Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer in Texas and former Judge and has a lifetime of experience in handling even the most difficult financial circumstances you can imagine.  He is patient and will listen to your situation without obligation or pressure and offers a free phone consultation so you can learn all of your options.

Don’t be tricked into making a fast decision that is based solely on price or pressure, instead, find out how you can deal with the situation head on.  Find out how Judge Jed can help you overcome the financial giant that is intimidating you.  Discover why he is the champion to have in your corner.

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