My Process

We have an alternative to bankruptcy. Our job is to stop all collection efforts and we are very successful at what we do. That’s why we have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and I am on the Board of Directors of BBB, in addition to being a retired Judge.

We send Cease & Desist letters to all your unsecured creditors. If you desire to keep a credit card for emergencies, you can; however, most people use debit cards including me. After receipt of such letters, it is unlawful for any of these creditors to contact you directly. All contact must be through our firm. Therefore, you receive no harassing telephone calls or letters.

We do not “settle” with these creditors, therefore your only expense is our fees, which are reasonable and vary according to how much debt you have, number of creditors and which companies they are. You have never heard of this strategy as we are the only law firm or company in Texas that has this alternative. (maybe in the country).

Your debts are never paid by us or you. In seven (7) years from date of your last payment, the three credit reporting agencies stop reporting your bad credit, i.e. you again have excellent credit. If you do not want to wait these 7 years, you can start rebuilding your credit over time by accepting credit card offers that you will start receiving shortly. Also, we have an arrangement with a credit repair co. that will start working immediately to repair your credit, which usually takes 7 months to a year to have all your derogatory items wiped clean from your report. This is a nationwide co. that has been in business for many years and charges a reasonable fee.(most so called “credit repair” companies are a fraud). Also, never engage a “debt settlement company” or “credit counseling firm”, no matter how much “discount” they claim you will receive, as you will never get your “monies worth” and you will be paying some amounts for several years, in addition to their fees. Likewise, never file bankruptcy as it is not needed in Texas for unsecured debts, such as credit cards, medical debts, loans, etc.; and it is a permanent public record. Every application you make for the rest of your life will have a question, “Have you ever filed bankruptcy” and you must answer it truthfully. Just as important: Since the 2005 amendments, you are only entitled to a discharge every 7 ½ years; thus, if you have “used up” your discharge & you have a real need to file (such as a horrible accident, resulting in a multiple million dollar suit against you), you may not be able to file bankruptcy.

If we are engaged, you will immediately receive a legal services agreement from our firm, setting forth our arrangement. Also, we realize many folks have financial problems and we have a monthly installment program, without interest.

We represent clients throughout Texas. You should review our site as set forth above. Finally, you have the right to call or email us at anytime with questions or concerns and our representation of you may last up to these 7 years.

Judge Jed Shaw