Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

BankruptcyIt is a sad reality to imagine that anyone can become just one paycheck away from a financial disaster. Whether it be employment loss, a major life emergency, a medical catastrophe, or poor financial responsibility, no person is immune to the risks of losing everything if a life-changing mishap inevitably kicks in.
If you find that you’re living in one of these life-changing mishaps and feel that bankruptcy is your only viable solution, you are not alone. Many individuals opt for bankruptcy simply because they don’t even realize that an alternative solution may exist. Bankruptcy’s affect on credit can put a halt on many of life’s demands. It may affect your ability to:

Before taking the bankruptcy plunge you should seek honest, professional advice to thoroughly weigh all of your options.

How We Can Help

Bankruptcy - creditWhile bankruptcy might be the only reasonable solution for some financial situations, we don’t feel that it is the most beneficial approach for everyone. To create the best possible strategy for your personal debt relief, a thorough analysis of your individual circumstances is needed. Because the law office of Jed Shaw understands bankruptcy’s affect on credit, we will work hard to provide you with a unique alternative to a Chapter 7 or 13 filing.

Our ethical approach will focus on helping you gain a 2nd chance and a fresh new start. Being familiar with the special laws of Texas, our firm is experienced in creating effective strategies that may help you eliminate the burden of your financial situation without the need to file bankruptcy. You shouldn’t spend another sleepless night wondering if you will ever achieve some monetary freedom or credit worthiness.

With our specialized guidance, you can begin to rebuild your credit and your confidence. We will discuss your personal situation and provide you with all of your available options; including our unique method of avoiding bankruptcy altogether.

What Are You Waiting For?

Why waste another minute wondering how you will be able to make ends meet? Take control of your life again. Our specialized alternative might be the ultimate solution in reestablishing your financial independence. If you’re conflicted about how a bankruptcy’s affect on your credit might put a damper in your future and you’d like sound advice from an expert, give our law firm a call today.

Jed Shaw is a licensed Houston bankruptcy lawyer who can also offer an ethical, alternative solution to your debt challenges. For a consultation with no pressure or obligation, call 713-750-9038. Remember, your situation is not permanent. With the right team of experts on your side, your financial woes can be turned around.


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