What sets apart Houston Bankruptcy Attorneys?

Let’s face it; you have lived through one of the most challenging economy’s in modern history.  Despite optimistic reporting (and wishful thinking), America hasn’t yet recovered from the downturn.  This is still affecting many Americans, including those living in Houston and greater Texas.  The good news is that Texas has fared better than many states in our union when it comes to job losses.  But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t caught in the cross-hairs of consumer debt and underwater home prices.  There are many who lose sleep each night, praying and worrying about how they will rebuild their crumbling lives and one day get back on their feet.  They don’t know if debt settlement, chapter 7, or chapter 13 is the best option.  If that describes you, I have some good news.  You’re not alone, it’s not your fault, and you don’t have to beat yourself up anymore.  Bad things happen to good people, and…

you’re no less a person for the struggle that you may be experiencing.

Now if you are like most people in Houston, even the thought of filing for bankruptcy can feel like giving up.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Of course, this is coming from a bankruptcy attorney so you may assume that I am biased.  While I am a Houston bankruptcy attorney serving all of Texas, my #1 goal is to help people avoid it by instead offering a special alternative.   But the thought of bankruptcy often brings with it the idea of throwing in the towel, and we Texans are proud people.  We don’t like giving up easily and we are, by nature and culture, honest and hard-working people.  So is it a contradiction to considering filing for bankruptcy in the State of Texas?  No!  Let me explain why I feel this way.

Contrary to popular belief, filing for bankruptcy is not giving up.  Far from it.  Instead, it is a strategic decision that (for now) our law allows so that people can get a fresh start.  Think back to the times of serfdom in the old country.  People who fell behind and went into consumer debt suffered for many generations.  Debts were passed along to children, and even children’s children.  It became a form of slavery from which on one could escape.  Children who were born into this slavery had no chance for freedom, and their lot was chosen for them.  But America was founded upon different morals and principles.  Our founders decided every person deserved an opportunity for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  They knew that bad circumstances happen, and that people deserve forgiveness and a second chance.

If you are an American, and especially a Texan, why not embrace this American opportunity for a second chance?  Walt Disney did, and so did Donal Trump.  Most people think of them as successful, but they both filed for bankruptcy prior to.  They needed a second chance just like you.  If you’re facing unsecured debts that are more than you can bear, and payments that are drowning you, call a time-out.  Instead of trying to work your way out of an impossible situation that drains the life out of you, embrace the second chance that our forefathers established for you.  And if you can begin to see that filing for bankruptcy is not akin to defeat, but rather a strategic decision to “reboot,” you are on the road to accepting the grace that is available to you.  But make sure you don’t also make this mistake when choosing bankruptcy.

Houston bankruptcy attorneys are not all the same.  In fact, Texas law offers some very special provisions to help you overcome your debts without actually filing chapter 7 or 13.  I have become known as the Houston bankruptcy attorney with an alternative to bankruptcy.  If you call a run-of-the-mill Houston attorney, chances are they will just stick you in a program without explaining your alternative options.  It’s easier for them to take that approach.  I created my practice in order to show Texans what the law really affords them in this great state.  You can often avoid traditional bankruptcy if you put my strategy to work for your situation, and this will greatly improve your recovery effort.

I’d love to listen to your situation and give you free advice about your way out.  Most people facing financial hardship avoid taking action and hope things will get better on their own; this is never the case.  Why not reach out to me so that I can tell you the truth about your situation and offer you hope, encouragement, and a strategy to overcome your financial giant?  Call me today so I can help.  1-713-750-9038

by Jed Shaw

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