What are NonDischargeable Debts?

Bankruptcy is always the last resort for anyone experiencing overwhelming or insurmountable debt. While the process can be tedious and time-consuming, you need a professional bankruptcy attorney on your side. With years of extensive legal experience, Shaw Defense specializes in bankruptcy filings for clients in Houston, Texas. Led by Judge Jed Shaw, this reputable firm has the tools and expertise to help absolve most of your debts. They also help clients with all Chapter 7, 11 and 13 filings, while ensuring they get back to the right path of financial success and freedom. With any bankruptcy proceeding, however, there are certain debts that can be included – and others that cannot. Read Shaw Defense customer reviews.

Non-Dischargeable Debts

Under Texas law, non-dischargeable debts are now allowed in bankruptcy filings. This includes federally financed student loans, along with alimony, child support, tax debts, and IRS property liens. While most other debts can be absolved, these debts must be paid off in a timely and efficient manner. Shaw Defense helps guide clients through the murky waters of bankruptcy discharge categories and proceedings. While the ultimate goal for any bankruptcy filer is to secure debt-freedom – these above mentioned debts are simply not eligible. In addition, debts brought on via criminal activities are not forgiven or eligible for discharge. Any pending debts not included in said bankruptcy remains the responsibility of the client – or the firm that represents him or her. A main consideration is when a home is in default, or there is a deficiency balance after a short sale. There are some variables that should be considered for each situation, and this is best handled by a real estate lawyer.

Dischargeable DebtsShaw Defense Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer

Dischargeable debts are unpaid or outstanding debts that can be included in bankruptcy filings. This includes credit card bills, along with medical bills and even some personal loans. Depending on which chapter to file for, however, requires professional and legal assistance from the Shaw Defense firm. Our attorneys have successful handled countless bankruptcy cases – and helped clients secure financial solace and relief. From Chapter 7 to 11 and 13, we will analyze and assess your current situation before anything is signed or sent for court processing. If you are struggling to make ends meet, there are other avenues available as well. Judge Shaw and his highly dedicated team will discuss all options with you upon consultation. This can include debt consolidation, along with settlements and other techniques that can prevent you from filing for bankruptcy.

For more information on bankruptcy filings and proceedings, simply contact us today and get the legal representation you deserve. As your premier Houston, Texas, law firm – we are committed to excellence and will fight for your legal rights at every turn!

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