The Secret that Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorneys Hide From You

Is Bankruptcy really your only option?

If you were to stroll into the office of the average Forth Worth bankruptcy attorney and ask for advice, chances are they would give you two options.  They would explain that your two options for filing for bankruptcy in Texas is determined by the Means Test.  What is the means test?  It is a way to measure a person’s ability to repay their debts, and in reality, pushes many people into a repayment plan known as a Chapter 13 vs. a Chapter 7.  Who cares if you are placed into a repayment plan vs. gaining a “clean slate?”  Well, simply put, your creditors care.  In spirit, the means test was put in place to determine eligibility and to reduce fraud.  However, one might suspect that creditors had a strong lobby in seeing this legislation passed because to be repaid their debt is much better than getting zero.  But I digress.  The point is this.  If you ask a Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney if he or she can help you, they will answer this way. “It depends.  Let me ask you some questions and I’ll see if I can put you in a repayment plan (Chapter 13) or get you a clean slate. (Chapter 7.)  This is a typical response from Houston, to Amarillo, to San Antonio, and of course in the DFW Metroplex.  If you live in Texas, please be clear about this one thing.  This is not the whole truth.

So what do these attorney’s fail to tell you?

What bankruptcy attorneys (and debt settlement companies) withhold from their potential customers is crucial, but understandable.  The fact is that if you reside in the state of Texas, there are certain legal provisions that can help you resolve your consumer debts without ever filing for bankruptcy in the first place.  I know, this may seem unrealistic or too good to be true, but it’s a fact.  How do I know?



A little History

I’ve been privileged to own one of the largest law firms in the State of Texas.  In fact, I used to represent some of the very creditors that I now help people find shelter from.  What I discovered were certain legal provisions that, once consumers were aware of them, put the brakes on our efforts to collect debts, garnish their wages, repossess their property, and call their phones.   It wasn’t much of a problem for the banks because so few consumers ever got wind of these methods of consumer protection.  But for the ones that did, it stopped the banks dead in their tracks, and left high powered attorney’s like myself with little to no recourse to represent our clients.  The funny thing is that while these rights were available to all Texans, few rarely found out about them due to receiving alternative advice from their Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney.   Why?  The answer is simple.  Bankruptcy attorney’s are usually interested in two things.  First, they get paid for filing Chapter 13′s or Chapter 7′s; not for handing out free advice.  Second, their revenue models are based on volume; they want to open and close cases quickly, and do as many as possible.   These inherent conflicts lie at the heart of why struggling consumers like you don’t receive free, honest, and trustworthy advice when facing one of the most stressful and difficult decisions in your life.  So why am I sharing this advice if it doesn’t fit the typical bankruptcy model?  It’s simple.  I’m not the typical bankruptcy attorney.  In fact, I’m becoming widely known as the bankruptcy attorney with the alternative to bankruptcy.

Because I can.

I’ve been blessed to enjoy a long and fruitful legal career, as well as serve as a Texas Mayor and Judge.  These experiences have not only afforded me great perspective on consumer debt issues, but a favorable position to serve as well.  Simply put, I’m to the point in my life where my work is based on what I enjoy doing.  In other words, many would consider me retired without the need to work at all.  Why do I?  Well, because I enjoy it.  Serving others is a ministry to me, and while I do charge fees for helping others due to my time investment, they are modest in order to sustain my consumer practice.  In essence, I’ve taken all of the years of high legal experience and turned it into a service to help others who don’t know where to turn to regain their peace of mind.  Financial challenges can be the biggest burden of one’s life, and can wreck a home, marriage, family, health, and more.  I’m in a place where I can afford to take time to listen to what people are facing, and offer them clear, non-biased, and in many cases unconventional advice.  My strategies and tactics aren’t some back alley version of trying to dodge one’s responsibility or cheat the government out of enforcing their own legal code.  No.  My approach is to simply inform well meaning Texans of their consumer rights, and offer them time-tested and proven methods to ethically resolve their financial burdens.  All of this is done WITHOUT filing for bankruptcy.   So how many Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney’s would be willing to do what I’m doing?  Well, I’ve not become aware of any.

Please call me today so that I can stop your creditor phone calls tomorrow.

Your financial issues are not going to resolve themselves on their own.  Unfortunately, you will not wake up one morning and find that all your creditors have moved on to somebody else.  It’s the nature of their business to relentlessly pursue you until they can garnish your wages or push you into bankruptcy.  Don’t fall for it.  There is a way to ethically resolve your debts without filing for bankruptcy in the state of Texas.  Why don’t you please call me so that I can do for you what I’ve already done for so many others.

Here are some bankruptcy alternative testimonials.  If this worked for them, I can help you too.

Call me for a free, confidential conversation so I can show you a way out.


by Jed Shaw

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