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Texas Foreclosure Laws

In Texas, there are a variety of different processes involved when it comes to foreclosure. The two primary types of Texas foreclosure laws include what are known as non-judicial foreclosures and judicial foreclosures. The following will take a closer look at these Texas foreclosure laws, how they affect your ability to sell your home, and […]

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What is a Bankruptcy Attorney and What Do They Do On A Daily Basis?

  Managing your finances can be very tricky. Sometimes, events happen unexpectedly that may negatively impact your financial situation. You may be paid laid off without warning. You might also face other unexpected problems such as a prolonged illness that makes it hard for you to work for many months. Your bills and other financial […]

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Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees and Costs

Overview Bankruptcy is one of the most difficult financial decisions that anyone will have to make in their lifetime. Not only are there financial consequences of filing for bankruptcy but there are emotional ones as well. Many times, people feel guilt or shame for many years after filing for bankruptcy even if it was a […]

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