Some More Facts About Bankruptcy

When clients default and fail to clear their debts, creditors often result to offering bankruptcy as a way to rid of debts and have a fresh financial start. However, what creditors do not tell their clients is that, this is not the last option and there are other ways of resolving this. Typically, a Houston bankruptcy filer is a person in a fragile economic situation with large amounts of accrued debts who maybe suffering from job loss, injury, or divorce and has accrued large amounts of un-payable debts. The law on bankruptcy is designed to help people facing such situations and to give them fresh financial start in life rather than spend their life with the burden of unpaid debts. In Houston Texas, bankruptcy is a long legal process that can be very complex, and one might need to hire a Houston Bankruptcy attorney. Jed the Houston based bankruptcy attorney advices that, bankruptcy is not always the only option to save one’s financial status. Unlike other Houston bankruptcy attorneys, Jed does not advocate for bankruptcy and you can place a call to Jed for FREE and get advice on the best ways to get out of the debts accrued.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Most creditors lie about getting out of bad debts and so do some attorneys because it does not financially benefit them. They will insist that your wages will be confiscated by the creditors/ employers but what they will not tell you is that the constitution strongly prohibits such actions from the employers. The second lie that creditors are going to tell you is that you have no alternatives once you are sued for credit card debt, but truth is if you are sued by the original creditor then there is little defense and it is no use hiring a lawyer but if you are sued by an assigned then you have a chance for defense. What most attorneys will not tell you is that having a bankruptcy record under your name is a permanent problem that will haunt you forever because it only offers a solution to clearing your name off bad debts but a public record remains. The greatest fear of people facing bankruptcy is loss of assets during debt collection, quite a number of attorneys do not understand the ethical strategies that protect and prevents loss of assets. when you are bankruptcy, there will likely be a number of scrupulous and unscrupulous companies offering you debt settlement option at a discount of their choice. Although it is a tempting and looks like a better offer, Jed advices against taking the offer because it is hard to tell between a company that is genuine and one that is out to take advantage of your situation.

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Declaring bankruptcy is a personal issue and most people would prefer not to make it public, however there is no need to worry because Jed is not only a professional attorney who strictly follows ethics and bases his practice on special Texas laws, he is also highly confidential. Other attorneys prefer to overlook the approach of advising clients on alternatives instead of taking up bankruptcy because it is not profitable to them, but Jed is always concerned about the welfare of his clients.

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