10 Myths about Bankruptcy Your Creditors Won’t Tell You

Thanks for your interest in the interview with Judge Jed Shaw discussing important issues your creditors will not share with you.  Please listen to this interview by watching the video below.  This information is valuable, and you will not find it discussed by most bankruptcy attorney’s.  Here are the questions covered for your reference when listening.



Interview Questions:

1.  Why do most Texans still think that bankruptcy is their only option?

2.  What about the commercials I hear about as debt settlement or debt consolidation?

3.  Should I hire a credit repair company?

4.  Is it smart to use my retirement accounts to pay my debts?

5.  I’ve heard I can have my wages garnished? Can this happen to me?

6.  What is a judgment, and if I get served to appear in court can I go to jail?

7.  I can’t afford to pay back my creditors? How can an ethical person recover?

8.  Should I try getting out of this myself before calling you?

9.  How is your service different?

10. What should I expect when I call you?

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