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Did you hear about Judge Jed Shaw’s alternative to bankruptcy program on the radio? Were you referred here by the BBB or by Legal Zoom? Have you stumbled across his website by accident, wondering if he can help?  If so, you’re in exactly the right place.

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If you have bills mounting up and have been told that filing for bankruptcy is your only option, think again. Jed Shaw is a licensed bankruptcy attorney who has filed over 5000 cases. With over 35 years experience in practicing law, he has represented some of the biggest creditors in the nation. He knows their playbook, and helps Texas consumers beat the odds stacked up against them.

If you live in Texas you do not have to file for bankruptcy, unless you want to.

Other options exist, and Judge Jed does not recommend credit counseling, debt management, or debt settlement.

He has developed a special bankruptcy alternative program that is ethical, and can help you gain a fresh start as soon as you call him.

There is nothing standing in the way of gaining a new beginning other than you calling Judge Jed right now. 713-750-9038

  • You can regain sleep and experience restful nights again.
  • You can plan for your next major purchase without fear of your creditors pursuing you.
  • You can earn more income without the concern of wage garnishment or seized bank accounts.
  • You can press “reboot” on your family’s future plans.
  • You can say goodbye to the shame and guilt associated with your situation.
  • All the threatening letters you receive every day will go directly to him; you can look forward to checking the mail again.
  • You can anew, and get a new lease on life.

There is no need to get everything in order before call Jed. In fact, most people call Judge Jed to help restore order. He is friendly, down-to-earth, empathetic, and will never talk down to you like other bankruptcy lawyers. If you are ready to get a fresh perspective on your situation, and regain peace of mind, simply take advantage of Jed Shaw’s free phone consultation today.

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