Dangers of Credit Card Debt

With the ongoing economic crisis, countless families and companies remain in severe credit card debt. No truer is this then in Houston, which continues to see several businesses in the red – along with individuals and families dealing with insurmountable debt and financial duress. From credit cards and car payments to mortgages, there are ways to deal with overwhelming debt and financial problems. With an experienced and reliable Houston bankruptcy attorney, you will be able to secure financial relief and economic solace. Shaw Defense is a reputable law firm that has helped countless families with debt relief and consolidation services. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation and get back on the right path to financial success.

Houston Bankruptcy Attorney

The Shaw Difference

There are several negative effects of having credit card debt. For one, chances of securing more credit and personal loans become difficult. Any missed or late payments also go on your credit histories, which can result in negative numbers and reports to the credit bureaus. If you are struggling to make ends meet, filing for bankruptcy is a great way to get your life back. From Chapters 7 and 11 to 13, the Shaw law firm is committed to helping you alleviate all the stress and tension of credit card debt. As part of your consultation, they help analyze and assess your current financial dilemma and problems. They then formulate strategic plans to help you file for bankruptcy, including contacting all creditors, banks, financial lenders and institutions. Bankruptcy services also include:

· Discussing options and alternatives to filing for bankruptcy.

· Avoiding debt settlement and consolidation for those that can only secure peace via bankruptcy.

· Timely filings of all bankruptcy documents – working with clients every step of the way to ensure financial relief and solace – contact with all parties during and after the bankruptcy proceedings.

· Thorough and complete explanations to clients about the bankruptcy process –which debts are chargeable and which are not. For example: IRS tax liens, property lien, federally financed student loans, and child alimonies are not eligible for bankruptcy.

· Highly-dedicated and experience bankruptcy attorneys that work hard for you 24/7.

Professional Legal Representation

Shaw Defense is conveniently located on Fountain View Drive in Houston. Led by Judge Jed Shaw, this law agency continues to receive stellar industry reviews and client testimonials. From bankruptcy and lawsuits to accidents, you can rely on this firm for the best legal representation in town. Contact them today and get the results and services you deserve!

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