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Some More Facts About Bankruptcy

When clients default and fail to clear their debts, creditors often result to offering bankruptcy as a way to rid of debts and have a fresh financial start. However, what creditors do not tell their clients is that, this is not the last option and there are other ways of resolving this. Typically, a Houston […]

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What is Debt Settlement?

What is a debt settlement? A debt settlement is an agreement that you make with a financial institution or other type of creditor in order to help you to pay off money that you owe to them.  Many people fall behind on payments or end up with financial difficulties that make it next to impossible […]

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What is Bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy is often one of the final steps that a person or business will take once they reach a point where they know they cannot possibly pay back the money they owe, and they can also no longer keep up with their monthly payments.  Bankruptcy is a fairly common process and many people seek […]

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10 Bankruptcy Myths

There are lots of myths out there surrounding the theory of bankruptcy. Most of these lies are are designed to scare people away from seeking help by putting an end to their debt. Bankruptcy is usually one of the ways offered by creditors to get rid of your debts and give you a fresh financial […]

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What Type of Bankruptcy is Best For Business Debt?

We here at Shaw Defense understand that building a successful business is exceedingly difficult in today’s economic climate. Despite the fact that it’s entirely possible to make all the right moves and offer a product or service that customers actually want, one wrong business decision could turn your once successful business upside down. It can […]

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