Best Sights in Houston

Irrespective of your interests or adventures in life, Houston has the best attractions that will suit your moments as one of the best place to visit and relax as a family, individual, friendship or socializing outing. Among the most outstanding must-visit destination include Space Center Houston (NASA’s Mission Control Center) and the biggest fine art museum in the southwest of United States. Houston is the biggest city in Texas and ranks fourth as the most populous city in US and it is situated in the southern east part of Texas few miles away from the Gulf of Mexico. If you happen to be falling on hard times in Texas, find out how a Houston Bankruptcy Attorney can help you.

Combined with impressive skyline and diverse cultural attractions, Houston boosts as one of the most desired visiting destinations and the best sights include:

Space Center Houston

It is one of the most vital visiting destination in Houston and its located in the southeastern part of the city. It’s only 25 miles from the city and is also the official visitor center of Lyndon B Johnson NASA’s Space Center. The center monitors all NASA’S space flights manned by aerospace experts. Visitors enjoy different film shows, astronauts’ ratios, space capsules models as well as moon rock samples and objects retrieved from space programs in Mercury, Apollo and Gemini.

Museum of Fine Arts, HoustonHouston Texas, Judge Jed Shaw Attorney At Law

The museum contains several important and exciting art collections from different continents and sources. Among the collections found form the museum include: American sculpture and paintings from notable figures such as Thomas Cole and Frederic church. Others are ancient Egyptian antiquities, African arts, Asian art, Glassel collection of Indonesian collection, decorative art and many brilliantly crafted art collections from different cultures and sources.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

The museum represents the art in different period and its role in modern art through lectures, exhibitions and other major activities. The exhibits feature popular contemporary artists as well as the emerging talents and presents regional, nationwide and global art exhibitions. Houston Museum of Natural Science

The scientific exhibits allow the visitors to experience natural science from Stone Age period to space age period. The collections in the museum include: North American and Egyptian artifacts, dinosaur bones, fossils collection and gems. The museum also has massive movie screens and planetarium for the visitor to understand more about the natural science.

Houston Zoo

The zoo covers 50 acre area inside the Hermann Park and has over 6000 indigenous and exotic animals. There is also a children’s zoo and enjoyable activities such as giraffe feeding moments, marine life up close in the aquarium and watching the sea lions. There is also a boat trip to McGovern Lake as well.

Houston, Texas is an exciting and enjoyable visiting destination that is worth your touring time. Contact Attorney Jed Shaw.

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