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Finding the best lawyer to discuss bankruptcy can be a challenging task.  There are some important criteria to consider prior to making your selection.  A top factor for most people is the price of services.  This is a practical consideration for those struggling with credit card debt and medical bills, but allowing price to determine your final choice can be short sighted.  Let’s consider a different approach altogether in order to answer this question.

So how should you find the best Amarillo bankruptcy attorneys?

The first question is to know if you really need to file for bankruptcy.  When people find themselves faced with mounting credit card debt, medical bills, judgments, and harassing phone calls, then bankruptcy often seems like the only option.  But is it?  If you live in the state of Texas, there are laws and provisions that you may be unaware of that provide a great alternative to filing for bankruptcy.

Why do bankruptcy attorneys not suggest the alternatives for resolving high consumer debts?

There are some wonderful and service oriented lawyers in Amarillo who exist to serve their clients.  Unfortunately, the only model for them to receive payment is when they place their client in either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  With this in mind, the conversation that usually takes with a potential client surrounds the means test.  In other words, the attorney tries to determine which type of filing is most appropriate for the client.  Again, this is the only way they get paid.  But this doesn’t mean that consumers are without other viable options other than filing for bankruptcy.  If most attorneys only offer the typical cookie-cutter solutions to their clients, how will consumers discover their better alternatives to filing bankruptcy?

It’s possible most bankruptcy lawyers know little about any alternatives that exist.

Bankruptcy serves a purpose, although it should be used far less than it currently is being recommended.   You should seek out an expert whose compensation is not dependent upon your filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  Instead, you should speak with someone who is intent on helping you avoid bankruptcy at all costs.  Judge Jed Shaw is such a person.  He established his consumer practice after a lifetime of legal, judicial, and civic duties.  He will listen to what your financial situation entails, and advise you on the best course of action.  He often talks more people out of bankruptcy once they realize that better alternatives are available to them.  He is able to stop harassing phone calls, offer you peace of mind and a brighter future.

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is a major one.  This will create a permanent record, and will require you disclose this fact on job applications and credit requests for the rest of your life.  Don’t make this decision lightly.   It is normal to look for a way out when mounting pressures ensue and harassing phone calls come day and night.   It’s normal to want your life back.  It is true that you need a way out, but bankruptcy is probably not the best option for you to find it.  You need to gather all the facts and understand how the state laws of Texas provide many favorable exemptions for those living in Amarillo and elsewhere.

Take the step today and speak with Judge Jed Shaw.  He is a champion in your corner whose paycheck is not dependent upon your decision to file for bankruptcy.  He is the best one positioned to be straightforward and honest with you.  Speak to Shaw Defense before you call any other Amarillo bankruptcy attorneys.

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by Jed Shaw