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Did you hear about Judge Jed Shaw’s alternative to bankruptcy program on the radio? Were you referred here by the BBB or by Legal Zoom? Have you stumbled across his website by accident, wondering if he can help?  If so, you’re in exactly the right place. Call Jed today for a Free, zero pressure, one-on-one […]

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Customer Reviews

I’ve recently been discussing how my previous clients can easily post feedback about my bankruptcy alternative.  There are many review sites across the web, but a great one to use is Google.  I decided to post an link in this post for easy access. If you are a previous client on my list, and would […]

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Houston Bankruptcy Alternatives

The number of bankruptcies in the state of Texas and across the United States has been at an all time high over the past few years. The challenges to the economy have left individuals without jobs. The burst of the housing bubble has left owners owing more for a home than it is worth. In […]

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Exempt Property In Texas

People who consider filing for bankruptcy quickly learn about the concept of property exemptions.  Simply put, exemptions refer to what can be excluded or what is “hands off” from creditors during a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy petition.  Texas is much more generous than other states when it comes to property excluded during bankruptcy. Exempt […]

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Declaring Bankruptcy in Texas: The Truth

  Consumers face many financial challenges in today’s economy.  If you are struggling with high credit card debt, or other unsecured debts, let me tell you something.  You’re not alone.  This may not make you feel any better, but the fact is this.  We are dealing with a perfect storm that has converged on many […]

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Wage Garnishment Laws in Texas

  Are you facing wage garnishment in Texas?  Have you recently had a judgment levied against you or your spouse?  Has a writ arrived at the house or has HR pulled you aside to have a candid conversation? These actions can be scary, and indeed they are serious steps to collect a debt.  But are […]

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Statute of Limitations in Texas for Debt

Texas residents who are struggling with debt may not be happy about their situation, but they can be thankful they live in Texas.  Texas has some of the most consumer friendly protections in the country, and this applies to wage garnishments, judgments, and collection practices in general.   Often the biggest question people ask is this.  […]

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Texas Bankruptcy Alternatives

Here is a recent radio spot explaining how I was able to help one couple with their financial challenges.  It was heard on KWRD in Dallas, and also in Houston.  If you are experiencing financial burdens, or if wage garnishment or judgements are closing in on you, please find encouragement.  There IS a way out, […]

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The Secret that Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorneys Hide From You

Is Bankruptcy really your only option? If you were to stroll into the office of the average Forth Worth bankruptcy attorney and ask for advice, chances are they would give you two options.  They would explain that your two options for filing for bankruptcy in Texas is determined by the Means Test.  What is the […]

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What sets apart Houston Bankruptcy Attorneys?

Let’s face it; you have lived through one of the most challenging economy’s in modern history.  Despite optimistic reporting (and wishful thinking), America hasn’t yet recovered from the downturn.  This is still affecting many Americans, including those living in Houston and greater Texas.  The good news is that Texas has fared better than many states […]

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